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Underwriting Guide

Protect your family's lifestyle through Life Insurance.Underwriting is the process of evaluating a risk for the purpose of issuing insurance coverage on an individual. Most insurance companies have similar underwriting guidelines for each classification they offer. Generally, an insurance company will offer 5 separate classifications like "ultra preferred, preferred, standard, preferred smoker, and standard smoker." The determination of your class has a lot to do with your height to weight ratio, medical history, as well as the medical lab results from your examination. will provide you with a quote that fits your profile from a company that is most competitive in that particular rate classification.

Guide for Preferred Risks

Standard risk medically and no ratable occupational hazard.

Not a private pilot or participant in aviation activities. Pilots and other crew members on regular passenger flights on major airlines are acceptable if not engaged in any other flying activities. Exclusion is okay except in North Dakota.

  • No current blood pressure reading to exceed: 145/85
  • No current or history of blood pressure treatment.
  • Cholesterol must be 220 or less but if all criteria are met, add +20 (240 total).
  • Chol/HDL may not exceed 5.0.
  • No history of alcohol or substance abuse.
  • Build does not exceed the following:

    Weight (lbs)
    5-0 142
    5-1 147
    5-2 152
    5-3 157
    5-4 162
    5-5 166
    5-6 172
    5-7 176
    5-8 182
    5-9 187
    5-10 192
    5-11 197
    6-0 203
    6-1 209
    6-2 215
    6-3 221
    6-4 227
    6-5 232
    6-6 239
    6-7 245
    6-8 251
    6-9 258

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